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This Week in Slovakia

Prehľad toho najdôležitejšieho, čo sa u nás stalo v uplynulom týždni v anglickom jazyku. Televízne spravodajstvo investigatívneho novinára Toma Nicholsona, Kanaďana žijúceho na Slovensku.

This week in Slovakia

Prehľad udalostí na Slovensku a slovenskom pohraničí za minulý týždeň v angličtine vybraných redaktorom kanadského pôvodu žijúcim na Slovensku Tomom Nicholsonom.

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Dobroslav Trnka’s seven-year term as head of the state prosecutor’s office ran out last week, and not a second too soon for many in the government. Mr Trnka’s reign ended not with a bang, but with a borderline vulgar whimper addressed to the ruling coalition politicians who had refused to hand him a second mandate.

The Slovak National Party appears to be on the verge of an internal splitafter its leadership board voted last week to expel one of its most influential members, long-time politician Anna Belousovova.

It’s become almost a tradition that one of the first things a new government does in Slovakia is to tinker with the Labour Code. The Iveta Radičová administration last week followed suit, unveiling an amendment that would simplify the rules, slash red tape, and make it easier to hire and fire better-paid staff.

And it looks like the little pigs are getting over their fear of the big bad wolf. Last week one coalition politician called for opposition leader Robert Fico to be stripped of his post as the deputy speaker of parliament. Another cabinet minister threatened to bill him for millions of euros in legal fees that the country has had to pay in defending an unconstitutional law passed by Mr Fico’s former government in 2007.

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