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This Week in Slovakia

Prehľad toho najdôležitejšieho, čo sa u nás stalo v uplynulom týždni v anglickom jazyku. Televízne spravodajstvo investigatívneho novinára Toma Nicholsona, Kanaďana žijúceho na Slovensku.

This week in Slovakia

Prehľad udalostí na Slovensku a slovenskom pohraničí za minulý týždeň v angličtine vybraných redaktorom kanadského pôvodu žijúcim na Slovensku Tomom Nicholsonom.

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For those of you who haven’t been following Slovak politics recently, here’s a recap of the scams that the current government has pinned on its predecessors over the past two months.

The former government’s dirty laundry is really starting to pile up. Last week it was the turn of the Labor Ministry’s leadership to reveal what shenanigans their predecessors had been up to.

It appears that members of the former government weren’t the only ones to profit from Robert Fico’s rule. Two deputy ministers in the current administration are now being asked to explain a 1.5 million euro contract that they won in a suspect tender from the Finance Ministry under former minister Ján Počiatek.

That wasn’t the only misstep the new government made last week. More ominous was the attempt of Béla Bugár’s Most party to return a compromised official to the head of the Land Fund.

While France was deporting its Roma last week, Slovaks were contemplating another wall that had been built to keep the gypsies, as they are popularly known, at bay.

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