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This Week in Slovakia

Prehľad toho najdôležitejšieho, čo sa u nás stalo v uplynulom týždni v anglickom jazyku. Televízne spravodajstvo investigatívneho novinára Toma Nicholsona, Kanaďana žijúceho na Slovensku.

This week in Slovakia

Prehľad udalostí na Slovensku a slovenskom pohraničí za minulý týždeň v angličtine vybraných redaktorom kanadského pôvodu žijúcim na Slovensku Tomom Nicholsonom.

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Even as talks continued last week between four centre-right parties on forming the next government, outgoing Prime Minister Robert Fico was trying to divide their ranks to find a way to stay in power.

One of the first decisions the incoming coalition will be asked to make is to approve an 800 million euro loan for Greece. The line of credit was agreed to by the previous Robert Fico administration as part of the EU’s 110 billion euro bailout for Athens.

It may be 40 years late, but this is turning into a summer of love in Bratislava. Following the city’s first-ever Gay Pride march last month, the Slovak capital hosted its inaugural rally for the decriminalization of marijuana use.

Slovakia’s debut at the World Cup in South Africa has not gone according to plan. After a draw with New Zealand and a loss to Paraguay, Team Slovakia must now defeat defending champions Italy to advance to the next round.

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